【New Graphics-Looping on Spotify】GIMMI MORE

Gimmi More Loop Video on Spotify
how to see graphic looping on Spotify?

New Looping Graphics on SPOTIFY!!

SpotifyにGimmi MoreのLoop VideoをUP

We uploaded Gimmi More Looping Graphics on spotify! Check out short looping graphics with your phone app. Enjoy our song!

  1. Let’s open spotify to listen
    “Gimmi More / Cico & Tomiko”

    まず、携帯端末からSpotify のアプリでCICO & TOMIKOのGIMMI MOREを再生します。

  2. Click bottom left image! You can see our Looping Graphics!



You can share it on instagram stories! Gimmi More xxx… Which word do you want to put here? Peace, Love, Freedom o Justice… 


Gimmi More…あなたなら何を求めますか?

今後も、Loop動画をUp予定ですので、是非Cico & TomikoのWebsiteやSNS、新しくなったSpotify のページなど、チェックしてくださいね!


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